of legal texts

Legal translations of the highest quality

In addition to care and accuracy, legal translations primarily require an in-depth knowledge of the subject. The content of a legal translation must be linguistically precise and reproduced using uniform terminology. In addition, every legal text should document a clear understanding of the facts that is as consistent as possible with the source text. Additionally, when dealing with legal translations, we are almost always confronted with different legal systems as well.

Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro, certified in accordance with ISO 17100, meets these high requirements. We translate specialised legal texts of all kinds, such as court documents, official documents, contracts, legal correspondence and much more, with the utmost precision and care. To do this, we work exclusively with native speaker translators who have completed in-depth education including appropriate specialisation in the legal field.

Experience and trust

Thanks to decades of experience in the legal field, Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro has built up the necessary linguistic skills for industry-related translations and our specialist translators have developed in-depth understanding. Our experienced translators know how to communicate between different cultures and different legal opinions when translating and provide an excellent basis for your business activity.

Our company also considers that discretion and quality are absolutely a matter of course. We guaranteed both the quality of the translation and confidentiality towards outsiders. In addition, every legal translation is checked using the four-eyes principle. This means that every text is checked again by another specialist translator. Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro thus ensures the highest quality control of your translation and consistent compliance with all parameters in accordance with ISO 17100.

Certification in accordance with ISO 17100

Whether translating contracts, expert reports, patents or other legal texts: our quality standards and our experience are a testament to optimum results. As a translation agency, we, and therefore all our translations are certified in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard. What does this mean for you?

More security due to legal competence: The quality of our translators has been examined objectively and documented.

Consistent and clearly documented quality in the translation: The processes and workflows of the translations are documented and continuously optimised.

More security for secrecy and confidentiality: All the basic requirements for the translations, such as information and data security, are met in multiple ways.

The best proof: long-standing customer relationships

Representatives of different industries have relied for years on our competence in legal translations, including a large number of law firms and notaries’ offices. We are extremely pleased about this and could wish for no better proof for the quality of our work. It spurs us on to do our best with every translation.

We translate your legal and legislative texts, such as


including sales agreements, articles of association, extensive agreements

Court documents

including indictments, statement of claims and court rulings


Powers of attorney


Dunning letters

Legal correspondence

General Terms and Conditions

Official documents


Other services provided by Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro

In addition to processing legal documents, we also provide support for all foreign language communication.

  • Specialist translations: We have a network of more than 140 trained and highly qualified, exclusively native speaker translators. They cover a wide range of specialist texts. In addition to legal translations, we also deal with texts in the fields of medicine, commerce, marketing and many more.
  • Certified translations: Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro, with its sworn and court-certified interpreters, produces certified translations for your documents.
  • First-class quality management and proofreading: We guarantee the highest quality by complying with European and international standards such as ISO 17100. After translation, various experts in the relevant subject area check the specialist texts for accuracy of content, syntactic and semantic aspects.
  • Translation Memory: We use organised terminology compilation, consistent terminology maintenance and terminology management to handle your legal translations efficiently and professionally.
  • Layout service: We are happy to integrate legal translations directly into the original layout and supply you with a print-ready document – in a single step. This ensures absolute security for your document.
  • Interpreting: With our sworn and court-certified interpreters, we can also offer simultaneous, consecutive or escort interpreting for your court hearing or event. We also take care of providing the appropriate technology for conferences, departmental meetings and negotiations.