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Translation of websites by specialised translators

A successful website translation is an essential part of the overall marketing mix and your company’s digital advertisement. All the more reason then to pay attention to high-quality translation geared to the target audience. Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro has a network of more than 140 qualified and native speaker translators who take into account all aspects of an international website and guarantee the highest quality.

Individual formulations are often crucial, particularly when it comes to user experience and conversion optimisation. As a result, the language and translation become a key success factor for your website. The valuable attention of visitors is lost if local language usage or intended user experience is not exactly met.

The opportunities of a successful website translation

In these days of globalisation and internationalisation, a multilingual website is usually an essential standard. After all, multilingual websites are not only appreciated by visitors, search engines such as Google also reward them with better search results. The result in both the international and the domestic market is more users. By having your website translated professionally, taking both the needs of your readers and the search engine algorithms into account, you are laying important foundations in marketing.

From Google Adwords to the landing page

There are many parameters to consider when translating websites. The target audience must be addressed effectively by ensuring that the translation in the target language also takes the cultural environment into account. It must also consider important elements of search engine optimisation. For only if the keywords are correctly translated, is it possible to guarantee optimum visibility of the brand in the search engines.

An international website alone, however, does not make a successful advertising campaign. So that the entire online presence is coherent, we will happily translate all your online content for you.

We will ensure that your online content, such as newsletter, social media presence, Google Adwords campaigns and much more are translated true to style and adapted precisely to the target audience. As an internationally recognised translation agency, Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro pays attention to fluency, idiomatic language, puns and cultural subtleties as part of a translation. It is our job to find the optimum translation for your international communication. We ensure that the message of your texts is still compelling even after translation. This is why our translators approach their work with particular skill and insight.

As a translation agency, we have specialised in the translation of websites and online content for many years. We provide you with

We translate into all common languages


Meta information

Blog posts


Google Adwords ad texts

PDF files or online brochures

Newsletter texts

Online campaigns

Social media campaigns

Homepage, web page or website translation?

The terms homepage, web page and website are often confused in everyday language. Sometimes, for example, the term homepage is used mistakenly when actually a website is meant. The homepage only represents one part, namely the first page, of a website. The situation is similar for a web page. This too is only one part of the overall presence. A website, on the other hand, is all these files known as web pages in their entirety.

As you can see, the devil is in the detail. And for this reason, you should also rely on experts for the translation of your website.

Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro ensures the success of all your online measures by delivering faultless website texts.

Other services provided by Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro

In addition to processing website translations, we also provide support for all foreign language communication in marketing.

  • Specialist translations: The translation of your texts, such as operating instructions or product descriptions, is carried out by more than 140 highly qualified, exclusively native speaker translators.
  • Certified translations: Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro, with its sworn and court-certified interpreters, produces certified translations for your business relationships or official business.
  • First-class quality management and proofreading: By complying with European and international standards such as ISO 17100, we ensure the highest quality. After translation, various experts in the relevant subject area check the specialist texts for accuracy of content, syntactic and semantic aspects.
  • Localisation: By perfectly localising marketing texts, we create the necessary linguistic framework so that websites, as well as software systems, exactly match your target audience’s language usage and therefore achieve maximum acceptance.
  • Layout service: We are happy to integrate marketing translations directly into the original layout and supply you with a print-ready document – in a single step. This ensures absolute security for your measures.
  • Translation Memory: We take care of an efficient and secure workflow using organised terminology compilation and terminology maintenance.
  • Interpreting: We offer simultaneous, consecutive or escort interpreting for your in-house event and take care of providing the appropriate technology for conferences, departmental meetings and negotiations.