for commercial and service industries

Expert translations for the retail sector and service industries

Commercial and service companies are exposed to growing competition and constantly changing market conditions. High-calibre international communication is required if companies are to meet international challenges. Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro, certified in accordance with ISO 17100, creates the basis for first-class translation to enable successful communication with international customers, suppliers and partners. This allows companies to present themselves globally, acquire new customers and remain competitive.

International expertise in the commercial and services sector

This is only successful if the communication is ideally adapted to the requirements of the destination country and all important aspects, such as context, culture and sales channel, are coherent. It is essential when translating for commerce and the service industries to localise all messages precisely and adapt them optimally to the target market. Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro will happily assist you to successfully implement international communication measures with integrated development solutions and optimised translations. Whether you need advertising messages, your website, documents for importing goods or contracts, we have extensive expertise for covering all communication.

Wide range for your translations

Companies also benefit from our expertise in translating specialist texts in the commercial and services sector as well as legal and contractual texts. This enables us to cover the whole range for the retail and services sector. In addition to cultural knowledge, our experienced translators also have specialist knowledge in the areas of economics, marketing, finance and the law. Our many years of experience guarantee you maximum expertise in these sectors.

We can therefore ensure that both advertising messages and the technical know-how embedded in the translated texts are seamlessly integrated into the relevant conditions of the target market.

It is not only the textual requirements that are a decisive success factor in a good translation. The visual imagery and design also have to be tailored to the target market. As an all-round service provider, Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro also provides a corresponding layout service, taking local conditions into account.

We have a network of more than 140 highly qualified translators with decades of experience in specialist translations for the commercial and services sector. We work exclusively with native speaker translators.

Our translations for commercial and service industries

International commercial and business law:

  • Sales agreements
  • Records and agreements
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Import, supply, subcontractor, lease, rental and company agreements

Import and transport:

  • Trade regulations
  • Documents for the import and export of goods
  • Documents from the transport and freight forwarding sector


  • Catalogues, brochures and sales documents
  • Websites for the retail, wholesale and mail order sector
  • Press releases
  • Presentations, lectures, event and trade fair documents
  • Offers and tenders


  • Stock exchange and financing documents, financial statements
  • Annual, interim and management reports
  • Texts on financial controlling, cost accounting and bookkeeping

Various areas:

  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Tourism
  • Machine tools
  • Food
  • Branded goods
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Commercial and service companies benefit from our work due to

Strict confidentiality

Confidential handling of your data as a top priority.

Specialisation in technical documentation

Experience of handling large documents.

Precise work and sophisticated processes

We have been dedicated to achieving the best possible translation results for almost 40 years.

4-eyes principle strictly in accordance with ISO 17100

Linguistic and technical checking as well as documentation of the translation.

Certified translations

Sworn and court-certified interpreters.

In-depth legal knowledge

Experience in legal and contractual matters.

Cooperation with prestigious companies

Many years of proven translation work.

Hand-picked experts

We know almost all our translators personally.

Our passion for professionalism

Maximum commitment to your result.

Long-standing cooperation with prestigious companies