Interpreting services

Complete service for your requirements

Complete service and highly qualified interpreters

Whether bilateral negotiations, international conferences or court hearings, every oral translation requires not only the highest linguistic competence but also a professional approach, absolute discretion and the necessary equipment. Thanks to sworn and court-certified interpreters, Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro covers the entire range of services and guarantees interpreting of the highest calibre.

Wherever you want or need to use an interpreter, whether at conferences, official meetings, training courses, press conferences, negotiations or other occasions, we can offer you individual advice and our all-in-one service.

In addition, you can request specialised interpreters for each area of expertise, such as medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, law, the automotive industry, business/finance and many more.

Full service

Whatever form of interpreting is suitable for you and whatever technical equipment is required for it, such as interpreting booths, tour-guide systems, headphones or microphones, we are happy to advise. We will put together a complete package for you, from native-speaker interpreters to the materials required, to ensure that your interpreted event is a complete success.

Other services provided by Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro

In addition to interpreting, we are also happy to assist you with translations and any type of foreign-language communication.

Specialist translations: Our 140 highly trained and qualified, native speaker translators cover a wide range of specialist texts. In addition to legal translations, we also deal with texts in the fields of marketing, commerce, industry, finance, medicine, the pharmaceutical industry and many more.

Certified translations: The generally sworn and court-certified translators of Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro produce certified translations of the highest calibre for your documents.

Proofreading and quality management: After translation of the specialist texts, various experts in the relevant subject area check every document for accuracy of content, syntactic and semantic aspects. We guarantee the highest quality by reliably complying with European and international standards such as ISO 17100.

Translation memory: We use organised terminology compilation and terminology management to produce your high-calibre communication efficiently.

Layout service: We are happy to integrate translations directly into the original layout for excellent quality and absolute error prevention. You get a print-ready document, all in a single step.