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Translations for agencies and tourism businesses

Creating advertising and PR texts with a powerful impact and emotion is an important requirement for successful communication. The challenge of translating these texts in a stylistically confident manner geared to the target audience is one that we, Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro, as an internationally acknowledged translation agency, are happy to take on for you. We pay attention to fluency, idiomatic language, puns and cultural subtleties as part of a translation. It is our job to find the optimum translation for your international communication. We ensure that the message of your texts is still compelling even after translation. This is why our translators approach their work with particular skill and insight.

Fast and reliable processing for the highest quality

Tourism organisations and agencies work constantly with foreign language texts. The deciding factor here is perfect localisation and precise translation work. We are happy to work at the necessary speed for this and our certification in accordance with ISO 17100 is evidence of the quality of our translation processes.

We ensure that the choice of words, tonality and local language usage of the target language are matched precisely to the source text without losing sight of the text’s impact. We always find the right balance between the overall meaning and technical accuracy. At the same time, we ensure consistent terminology is used across individual jobs.

Translations with impact thanks to appropriate localisation

Localisation – the correct application of regional linguistic conditions – is particularly important when translating for tourism and agencies. So, we accurately tailor your translation linguistically to function, target audience and text medium. We work with a network of more than 140 qualified, native speaker translators. They are able to deliver marketing texts and general texts of the highest quality in all common languages.

Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro is certified in accordance with ISO 17100, the standard specific to translation agencies. This makes us the ideal partner for tourism businesses and agencies and we can provide you with:

  • Perfectly localised translations for your target audience
  • Accurately documented translations with quality assurance in accordance with ISO 17100
  • The required sensitivity for advertising messages for translations that ring true

We translate a wide range of text types, such as:

  • Advertising texts
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Competitions
  • Image folders
  • Catalogues
  • Marketing concepts
  • Newsletter
  • Online advertising banners
  • Presentations
  • Press releases
  • Product descriptions
  • Social media texts
  • Slogans
  • Scripts for radio or TV advertising
  • Website texts

And much more.

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Tourism and agencies benefit from our translation work due to

Strict confidentiality

Confidential handling of your data as a top priority.

Specialisation in marketing texts

Texts are tailored precisely to the target audience and medium.

4-eyes principle strictly in accordance with ISO 17100

Linguistic and technical checking as well as documentation of the translation.

Certified translations

Sworn and court-certified interpreters.

Precise work and sophisticated processes

We have been dedicated to achieving the best translation results for almost 40 years.

Our passion for professionalism

Maximum commitment to your result.

Hand-picked experts

We know almost all our translators personally.

Cooperation with well-known agencies and tourism businesses

Many years of proven translation work.

Long-standing cooperation with agencies and tourism organisations