Precisely tailored to country or geographical market

Localisation of software, websites and marketing texts

When translating and localising software, websites or marketing texts, it is important to translate not only the content but also to take into account the context of all elements and adapt them to the target market. This includes aspects such as graphics, formatting, functionality, layout and cultural relevance.

Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro also considers vocabulary, formulations and other information, such as date, time or currency, when localising your activities. In addition to pure translation, our certified translators also analyse the target text and adjust it to linguistic usage of the target county or region. This ensures that the text is perceived as “natural” in a different culture.

All elements in this process are selected so that they are extremely familiar to the target audience in the destination country.

Highest quality thanks to localisation and ISO certification

The correct application of regional linguistic conditions is particularly important when localising software, websites and marketing texts. This is why we tailor your translation linguistically to function, target audience and text medium. We work with a network of more than 140 highly trained, native speaker translators. They produce texts and system solutions of the highest quality in all common languages.

Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro is certified in accordance with ISO 17100, the standard specific to translation agencies. This makes us the ideal partner for companies and agencies.

Make the most of the advantages of perfect localisation offered by Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro. We create the necessary linguistic framework so that websites or marketing texts, as well as software systems, match your target audience’s language usage and therefore achieve maximum acceptance.

The advantages to you of localising your translation:

  • The translations perfectly match the target country’s language usage and your target audience perceives them as “native”.
  • Translations are accurately documented with quality assurance.
  • Misunderstandings or even embarrassment are reliably excluded.
  • The readers or your texts can concentrate fully on the content and have a positive attitude to marketing and advertising messages.

Other services provided by Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro

In addition to localisation and the translation of marketing activities, we also provide support for all foreign language communication within your company.

Specialist translations: We translate cross-sectorally for many specialist fields. All translations are carried out by 140 highly trained, native speaker translators.

Certified translations: Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro, with its sworn and court-certified interpreters, produces certified translations for your business relationships or official business.

Highest quality and proofreading: By complying with European and international standards such as ISO 17100, we ensure the highest quality. After translation, experts in the relevant subject area check the specialist texts for accuracy of content and syntactic and semantic aspects.

Translation memory: We take care of an efficient workflow and organise the terminology management for your campaign or your company.

Layout service: To ensure fast and error-free processing, we are also happy to integrate your translations directly into the original layout. As a result, you receive a finished document without additional artwork expenditure.

Interpreting: We offer simultaneous, consecutive or escort interpreting for your in-house event. We also take care of providing the required technology.