of technical documentation and specialist texts

Technical translation for your operating instructions, product data sheets, construction plans and much more.

Technical translations have one thing in common: they form the access point to the construction, operation and use of technical products. In addition, they communicate product benefits and advantages, and exert a significant marketing impact directly on the user. As a result, structure, comprehensibility and user-friendliness are paramount in all our technical translations.

Technical translations of the highest quality

In addition to excellent language skills, a first-class technical translation also requires specific technical expertise. Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro is a company certified in accordance with ISO 17100 with decades of experience in the technology field. We guarantee translations of the highest quality and translate technical texts of all types, such as operating instructions, product data sheets, patents and much more. Our technical translators have the necessary know-how which enables us to ensure that your documents are translated in a technically and terminologically correct manner. Many well-known companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, chemistry, IT technology, renewable energies and many more have already entrusted us with their technical translations.

Technical translation with comprehensible presentation in text and images

Since for many years we have also been able to deliver our translations directly in the design, our translators always work on presenting images and text in a comprehensible manner. We have the necessary experience in handling content management systems even for larger volumes of documentation. As a result, your documents become more than a simple technical description.

Certified quality for the highest requirements: translation of technical documentation

Companies which put technical products on the market have the legal obligation to supply accompanying documentation in the relevant national language of their export market (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, article 5 paragraph 3 or EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, appendix II no. 8).

Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro has been dealing with existing standards for almost 40 years – after all, we are one of the few translation agencies in Austria certified in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard. For you this means:

  • Controlled quality due to standardised procedures and native-speaker experts
  • Experience and routine in handling extensive documentation
  • Documentation of the entire translation process and long-term document management
  • Coordination and compliance with existing standards depending on your requirements

Technical terminology for technical translations

Technical terms are hugely important in technical texts. With sensitive texts in particular, which involve the safety of people who are operating the relevant technical equipment, it is immensely important that they are translated accurately. Operating instructions and process descriptions are just a few examples of this.

Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro therefore carries out constant terminology management. We use a translation memory system to determine the technical terms used for every single customer and record them in the associated term base. This enables both efficient and reliable translation.

From the individual translation job to the current implementation partner

Benefit from our extensive industry experience, particularly for the construction sector and industry. Make use of our advisory skills in the run-up to your translation job. We ensure careful preparation, terminology management and maximum efficiency when processing and provide important inputs for the construction and optimisation of your technical editing.

Technical translation “English to German” and all other languages

For technical translations, we rely on a pool of qualified translators. Our technical translators process all relevant types of texts, from operating instructions and service manuals to construction plans, installation instructions and technical data sheets.

We provide technical translations for texts such as

Work instructions

Tender documents

Operating instructions

Manufacturing instructions

Installation instructions

Machine descriptions


Product specifications

Product data sheets

Project plans

Test reports

Software documentation

System descriptions

Procedural guidelines

Maintenance instructions

Maintenance agreements

Workshop manuals

Service manuals

Tool tables

Diagnostic aids

Accessories catalogues

Other services provided by Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro

In addition to processing technical documents, we will happily provide support for all foreign language communication within your company

  • Specialist translations: The translation of your texts such as technical documents is carried out exclusively by 140 trained and qualified, native speaker translators.
  • Certified translations: Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro, with its sworn and court-certified interpreters, produces certified translations for your business relationships or official business.
  • Translation Memory: We take care of an efficient workflow and organise the terminology compilation and terminology management for your company.
  • Localisation: To ensure error-free processing, we are happy to integrate your technical translations directly into the original layout. As a result, you receive a finished document with absolute certainty.
  • Layout service: To ensure error-free processing, we are happy to integrate your technical translations directly into the original layout. As a result, you receive a finished document with absolute certainty.
  • First-class quality management and proofreading: By complying with European and international standards such as ISO 17100 we ensure the highest quality. After translation, various experts in the relevant subject area check the specialist texts for accuracy of content and syntactic and semantic aspects.
  • Interpreting: We offer simultaneous, consecutive or escort interpreting for your in-house event. We also take care of providing the appropriate technology for conferences, departmental meetings and negotiations.