Translation Memories

and terminology databases

Fast, secure and consistent translations with translation memory

Using state-of-the-art translation memory systems enables Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro to ensure consistent translations with uniform terminology and formulations for your company.

Whether manuals, sales materials, websites, product catalogues, technical documentation, marketing texts and so on, as a company you work with different types of texts and documents that often need to be translated. Much of the content in these documents is repeated regularly. By using translation memory software, including entry in a corresponding database, a suggested translation can be used for subsequent translations. This way of working increases the translator’s efficiency and enables reliable and consistent translations.

It makes it easier to comply with the increased requirements for translation with regard to consistent terminology, especially in the case of extensive texts such as technical documentation. This is why Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro uses translation memory systems for these tasks.

Your benefits from the use of translation memory systems

Highest quality and simplified approval

Using translation memory makes it possible to use company-specific formulations and terms consistently in a wide range of document types. If your country representatives are also involved in setting up a translation memory database, it makes it easier for them to approve a translated text.

Uniform appearance of the company – corporate identity

Uniform corporate wording is an important pillar of a successful corporate identity. Using translation memory systems in a wide variety of business sectors encourages the development of a consistent corporate language even when frequently working on smaller individual texts. This unifies the visual image of your company’s communication both internally and externally and ensures compliance with a global corporate identity. You present yourself with a consistent corporate language in all your translations.

Securing know-how

Know-how transfer is essential for every company that aims to continue developing and ensuring business success. Using translation memory systems not only encourages the development of a consistent corporate language but also builds up and records the linguistic and technical knowledge of individual employees across the company.

Increased linguistic consistency

When using several translators or when processing a variety of documents, a translation memory ensures that the translated texts are formulated uniformly. In addition, there is no subsequent need for costly and time-consuming checking of linguistic consistency.

Shortened delivery times

It is possible to speed up the translation time significantly when translating texts that regularly contain the same expressions and sentences. This increases the translation output and shortens the time for your product launch.

Possible applications

  • Operating instructions
  • Documentation for different product versions of a manufacturer
  • Documents written in controlled language
  • Marketing texts
  • Technical manuals and product catalogues
  • Websites, software and help files
  • Sales documents
  • and much more.

Other services provided by Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro

In addition to translation using translation memory systems, we also provide support for all foreign language communication.

First-class quality management and proofreading: As an ISO 17100-certified translation agency, we guarantee to comply with European and international standards and ensure the highest quality. After translation, various experts in the relevant subject area check the specialist texts for accuracy of content, syntactic and semantic aspects.

Layout service: We are happy to integrate translations directly into the original layout and supply you with a print-ready document – in a single step. This ensures absolute security for your measures.

Localisation: By extensively localising translations, we create the necessary linguistic framework so that software systems, operating instructions or websites perfectly match your target audience’s language usage and therefore achieve maximum acceptance.

Certified translations: Schweickhardt Das Übersetzungsbüro, with its sworn and court-certified interpreters, produces certified translations for your business relationships and official business.

Interpreting: We offer simultaneous, consecutive or escort interpreting for your in-house event. We take care of providing all the necessary technology for conferences, departmental meetings and negotiations.